Passage Description Level
A Girl & Her Dolls Focus: Visual Scene Starter
An Upset Boy Focus: Visual Scene Starter
Basketball Fans Focus: Visual Scene Starter
Beware of Dog Focus: Visual Scene Starter
Children Playing Focus: Visual Scene Starter
Dinosaur Bones Focus: Visual Scene Starter
No Skateboarding! Focus: Directions Starter
Playground Rules Focus: Directions Starter
Rebecca Focus: Book Cover Starter
The Angry Girl Focus: Visual Scene Starter
The Circus Train Focus: Visual Scene Starter
The Dance Focus: Visual Scene Starter
The Dragon Focus: Visual Scene Starter
The Envelope Focus: Letter Starter
The Family Meal Focus: Visual Scene Starter
The Fancy Room Focus: Visual Scene Starter
The King Focus: Visual Scene Starter
The Old City Focus: Visual Scene Starter
The Sailboat Focus: Visual Scene Starter
The Scary Gate Focus: Visual Scene Starter
The Shoot Out Focus: Visual Image Starter
The Super Store Focus: Visual Scene Starter
The Track Meet Focus: Schedule Starter
The Uniform Focus: Visual Image Starter
You Must Be This Tall... Focus: Directions Starter
A Rainy Day Focus: Poetic Devices Easy
A Wonderful Day Focus: Descriptive Easy
An Exchange Genre: Humor Easy
Brian`s Problem Focus: Setting Easy
Directions Focus: Directions Easy
Eating Genre: Humor Easy
Finding Clues Genre: Detective Easy
First Meeting Genre: Fantasy Easy
Fluffy Focus: Disagreement Easy
Fried Chicken Focus: Recipe Easy
Friendly Letter Focus: Friendly Letter Easy
Friendly Letter Template Focus: Friendly Easy
Gametime Genre: Action (sports) Easy
Gold Rush Genre: Western Easy
Growing Up Focus: Philosophy Easy
Hollywood Pets Focus: Informative Easy
Index Focus: Index Easy
Johnny and Susan Focus: Dialogue Easy
Liberty Bonds Genre: Notice (poster) Easy
Life Focus: Monologue Easy
Lifecycle of a Frog Focus: Science Easy
Mary`s Story Focus: Detective Easy
Memorial Day Genre: Info Graphic Easy
Pizza Focus: Informative Easy
Soap Focus: Informative Easy
Stamps Focus: Informative Easy
Table of Contents (simple) Focus: Table of Contents Easy
The Airplane Genre: Adventure Easy
The Amazing Ace Genre: Adventure Easy
The Battle Genre: Science Fiction Easy
The Briefcase Genre: Mystery Easy
The Can Opener Focus: Informative Easy
The Checkup Focus: Dialogue Easy
The Children of Sparta Focus: Informative Easy
The Diary Genre: Diary Entry Easy
The Footprints Genre: Detective Easy
The Fossil Genre: Adventure Easy
The Group Focus: Stressful Task Easy
The Hose Focus: Short-term Goal Easy
The Juggler Focus: Stressful Task Easy
The Knight Focus: Inner Monologue Easy
The Old Sailor Focus: Joke Easy
The Pool Focus: Point of View Easy
The Rules Focus: List of Rules Easy
The Visitor Focus: Point of View Easy
The Witch`s Plan Genre: Fairy Tail Easy
Title Page Focus: Title Page Easy
Toys Focus: Informative Easy
Washing Machines Focus: Informative Easy
Where am I? Focus: Inner Monologue Easy
5 Ways to Wash Public Service Announcement Easy  
A Safer Generation of Cribs Public Service Announcement Easy  
Atmospheric Science Explorers Infographic Easy  
Bicyclists Make Safe Choices Public Service Announcement Easy  
Carolina Air Force Bases Poster Easy  
Clean Your Hands Public Service Announcement Easy  
Disasters Infographic Easy  
Energy Star Global Warming Advertisement Easy  
Handwashing with a Nailbrush Public Service Announcement Easy  
Smokey the Bear Story Booklet Reference Easy  
Stop Germs - Stop The Flu Poster Public Service Announcement Easy  
Technical Manual Reference Easy  
Tornadoes - Shapes Sizes Public Service Announcement Easy  
Wash Hands Poster Public Service Announcement Easy  
Waste No Water Cartoon Reference Easy  
Wildfires FYI Poster Poster Easy  
Worth Its Weight Infographic Easy  
A Birthday Party Focus: Invitation Very Easy
A Thank-You Note Focus: Letter Very Easy
Class Rules Focus: Directions Very Easy
Cookout List Focus: List Very Easy
Fire! Focus: Visual Scene Very Easy
Free Puppies! Focus: Notice Very Easy
General Admission Focus: Ticket Very Easy
Job Well Done Focus: Certificate Very Easy
Katy`s Sandwich Shop Focus: Receipt Very Easy
Life Vest Focus: Directions Very Easy
Meal Survey Focus: Survey Very Easy
Meeting Face to Face Focus: Dialogue Very Easy
Podiatrist Focus: Definition Very Easy
Riding a Bike Focus: Directions Very Easy
The Assignment Focus: Monologue Very Easy
The Bus Stop Focus: Dialogue Very Easy
The Circus Focus: Poster Very Easy
The Coupon Focus: Coupon Very Easy
The Daily Routine Focus: Schedule Very Easy
The Great Seal Focus: Visual Image Very Easy
The Menu Focus: Menu Very Easy
The Online Funhouse Focus: Website Very Easy
The Trick Yo-Yo Focus: Advertisement Very Easy
Two Astronauts Focus: Joke Very Easy
Words of Wisdom Focus: Advice Very Easy 

Non-Traditional Informative Text


Traditional Passages