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Basic facts about today's world:

comes to us from all directions.

We are constantly bombarded with different types of information from a variety of sources and different types of media. Here are just a few examples:

social media feeds
viral videos and memes
radio programming magazine/newspaper articles
internet sites

television shows

We are surrounded by "Information Overload"!

We INTERACT with that information on a daily basis.

Because the information flow is non-stop, we are constantly reacting to it. We must always be prepared to:



prioritize evaluatecritique
defend respond

Information is just "white noise" until we interpret it!

Our ability to COMPREHEND information is a must-have skill.

We make countless choices each day based on whatever information we have... Obviously, being able to comprehend that information improves our ability to:

predict outcomes solve problems form arguments make good decisions avoid trouble situations think critically and creativelyprepare for the future

Even the best information is useless if we aren't able to correctly respond to it.


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...and what do our Clients say?

The feedback we‘ve received about the PBL Project has been tremendous, and we thought it would be nice to share a sampling of those comments. All of the testimonials shown below were unsolicited, and have been included with permission:

Thank you for so many good ideas!

Valerie English teacher Wren High School (Anderson, SC)

Ben I love your site... we
use project/problem based learning and your ideals are the best I`ve seen

Thank you,
Sharron Principal John Ireland Elementary (Dallas, TX)

I don`t believe I ever thanked you!!!! I`ve been using your site this year, and the kids love the activities!

Katherine Gifted Education Specialist Wrightsville Beach School (Wilmington, NC)

Thanks so much for all
your support and activities for PBL! My students love the activities and fit in perfectly with my gifted
4th and 5th graders. I appreciate how fast you get back to me as well. GREAT STUFF!

James 4/5 Magnet Teacher Ferry Elementary (Grosse Pointe, MI)

Just wanted to say `Thank You` for the excellent activities that you send our way to use. We are really enjoying those.

Melissa 6th Grade Science Teacher Lafayette High School (Lafayette, LA)